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The good news is that Elevate Physical Therapy has successfully treated thousands of patients just like you.

We are board certified (less than 5% of all therapists have this certification), are athletic training certified, licensed by the state of West Virginia, and have worked with patients for over 15 years.


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  • I was having trouble finding a place I felt comfortable with to have my therapy. I met with Tim Turner per my doctor/s recommendation and we were a perfect fit. Working with Tim, I was able to improve my balance, improve the strength in my legs and become much stronger in completing my everyday tasks. Tim was very pleasant, professional, and always gave you a good workout each time. If you are looking for a good therapist, I highly recommend Tim.

    Nancy A.

  • I got to work with Tim and he always had a positive attitude and helped me set goals for myself post surgery. He really listened to my concerns and helped me progress every week. I was able to surpass all my goals and my knee feels so strong!!

    Sydney C.

  • Dr. Tim Turner is hands down the best physical therapist I have been to! He treats you like a valued patient and takes the time to figure out what is the issue and what the best treatment plan is for you. Look no further for a physical therapist if you need one.. Dr. Turner is outstanding!

    Lee A.

  • I needed PT for positional dizziness and Tim not only corrected it, but gave me some simple exercises I can do at home to keep it at bay and a simple at-home treatment if I have a mild case. He/s always positive and helpful and a pleasure to work with.

    Susan B.

  • Dr. Turner was phenomenal! He helped me rehabilitate my back and I/m back to my old self again. I cannot say enough about his professionalism, care, and wealth of knowledge. If you ever are in need of physical therapy he should be at the top of your list!!!

    Paul L.

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Experience What Truly
Personalized Care is Like

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